Buy and trade tokenized Real world assets easy

Compliant and regulator friendly security token offerings.

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Instant tokenization & Identity Control

Patent pending Digital Twin tokenization of Real World Assets settled instantly. Never has buying noted stock, bonds and real estate been easier and more secure.

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Send & Receive

Instant settlement of your purchases on Binance Smart Chain via advanced smart contracts and TRS contracts.

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Trading Charts

Monitor the performance of your investments on the DEFI
MINT investor dashboard in real time.

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100% Secure Wallet

Binance wallet manages and secures your tokenized real world assets. You can sell at any time and your dividends will be airdropped to you automatically.

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Own a piece of apple

Buy Apple stocks and 4000 other noted stocks instantly with any listed crypto. Monitor the performance in real time.

Disrupting finance with new innovative certs.

Each tokenized asset contains a beautiful NFT with your asset certificate, patent pending AML KYC barcode and dividend information. And the best part: It is FREE.

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Issuers pay for the service
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No trading fees for you - instant dividends
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256-bit secure encryption

Built on a robust and powerful platform

Artificial intelligence and blockchain driven platform developed by leading blockchain developers. Audited. Regulator friendly. As SAFU as it gets.

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100% Private data
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99.99% Uptime guarantee
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24/7 Dedicated support

What our clients say?

"This is AMAZING, I bought Coca-Cola, Apple and Tesla for 1599 USD in BNB instantly, and now I recieve dividends 3 times a day in avarage. To test, I sold half of my Tesla stock and got the BNB back too. All works!! "

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John carter
VP of Finance, The AGENCY

"I diversified into both gold, real estate and stocks
with some of my Ethereum - It just works!"

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Sophie MOore

"I just bought 5% of a luxury appartment in Jumeirah beach Dubai with Bitcoin"

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Barbara Sanders

The power of DeFi

Open Ledger Tech

Smart contract governed transactions
ensures instant settlement, error-less, 24-7-365. Locked Liquidity pool ensures investors assets guranteed.

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App Store

Buy any assets tokenized

Imagine owning a fraction of a real estate building and getting rent every month as BNB. With DEFI MINT, this is reality.
Try today.

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